Production Facilities

Başer Mining’s integrated production facilities were established on 72.631 m2 outdoor area and 3.500 m2 indoor area at the 3rd km of Şarkikaraağaç-Isparta highway, where all of the operations such as raw material preparation/enrichment, slime recycling, supplying concentrated extra (white) barite from optoelectronic sorting system, standard barite and finished micronized barite production and packaging are conducted.

Başer Mining maximizes the capacity of production and achieves the wide product range with continuous development and upgraded facilities.

Barite Enrichment System

The concentrated barite production capacity is about 150.000 tpa, while the acquired concentrated product is 80.000 tpa on average.  

Barite Grinding, Micronization, Packaging System

The production capacity of our Barite Grinding, Micronization, Packaging System is 100.000 tpa for drilling and other applications, 30.000 tpa for micronized and chemical barite.

Packaging System

In the automatic packaging units, the packaging types are 1.000-1.200-1.500 kg big-bags, 25-40 kg kraft bags, as well as in bulk filling the silo buses.

Laboratory and Quality Assurance

Başer Mining Laboratory is equipped with all equipment, instruments required to analyze every stage of the complete inspection of raw materials, general and specific controls, and tests during each major processing steps to maintain consistent product quality.